Stripper Poles Are Not A Design Asset

Friday, May 7, 2010

So I love pole dancing. So much so that I took the plunge and invested in a pole. You may remember my concern that the pole at home would take away from the sanctity of Tease (yes, I referenced sanctity and pole dancing together). I figure worst case I sell the pole.

There is a stripper pole in my living room. I love it. Now I want an awesome speaker/stereo to play my pole dancing playlist.

I have had one unexpected issue with my pole. I have to fight the kids for it. Seriously. Peas loves to walk around it shaking her little tush. Princess has quite a few tricks in her bag and can climb to the ceiling like a monkey. Even Stinky has 'cool moves' on the pole.

The pole pops down and pops up in seconds so if, for instance I decided not to terrify some people coming over I could always take the pole down, but I think a stainless steel pole from floor to ceiling in my living room surrounded by toys makes an excellent conversation starter, don't you??

Couldn't you just see it in my ultra Christian community? The missionaries going door to door and seeing my stripper pole right there in the living room- ideally with Peas dancing? They could think "Hooo boy- we got a project!" I can see it now: trying to ignore the pole much like an elephant in the room- sneaking glances at it- blushing...


serena_love said...

There is a youtube with a baby on a stripper pole. The baby looks like it's doing a routine, even *I* had to clutch my pearls lol.

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