Warm up

Friday, May 7, 2010

I have been somewhat absent the past few weeks/days. I have just been so busy- since the weather is warming up we have been outside. A few days ago it was super warm- I bought a new sprinkler (one shaped liked a globe, about three feet tall) which was a decided hit with my kids and the neighbor girls.

Stinky is already working on his tan. By the end of the summer he looked like a California beach bum. His hair was so white it almost glowed in the dark.
Peas had chub roll tan lines and Princess had tan lines from bandages for skinned knees. I can only imagine that this summer will be more of the same.

But being that it is summer in Chicago- weather never stays one way for long.
Today it is cold and rainy. Which is really sad- because outside is so much more fun when not getting struck by lightening.

But it was fantastic while it lasted. It has just given me a taste for more warm weather.


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