Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love this show. Love it. Love Love Love it. Granted TV is not my thing, this however, I do watch.

A few months ago the ran an episode that featured a Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing (HoH) choir and a few thing have been bugging me ever since its airing.

I loved the concept; I was less thrilled with the execution.

The Deaf choir sang and signed "Imagine" by John Lennon. An amazing song. But, some of the actors appeared to not really be Deaf or HoH- as their signing was, well not, smooth- much like an actor doing a poor job of an accent or dialect. Also, during their performance the Glee kids went up and started singing/signing with them. It was like the HoH/Deaf choir was not good enough- and that bothered me a lot. Sure, I would love to see a collaboration between the two but not when Glee kids were essentially interrupting them. I did love the signed applause though, I got teary.

Then they used a lot of cliche characteristics for the HoH choir director. Him being socially awkward, speaking loudly, misunderstanding, the phone thing (Mr. Shu told him that his phone was ringing and the director did not hear it- then was shocked to see he missed two calls.)

This is all odd because typically this series tackles some pretty heavy social issues.. Sexual orientation, self esteem, teen pregnancy, bullying to name a few- but on this one because *I* feel they handled it clumsily.


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