She's got personality

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Each baby/kid has their own. I can tell you a few quirks for each. Princess sucks her blankie- only 2 sides- she liked to match her shoes up.

Stinky despised being cold. Even in the summer he would not settle until he was nice and cozy. He also would talk to keep himself awake as an infant.

When being burped Peas needed to be patted enough to know she was being patted- none of the light touch for her. She also twirls hair; my hair, her hair...she twirls it.

Pixie is no different. She likes to have her tummy patted when she is dozing. She also sings herself to sleep. When she is on my back, on my chest, next to me, in her swing wherever when she is going to sleep she sings her lullaby.

I love these little parts of them that make them unique on such an intimate level. Sure one loves strawberries and the other blueberries- but these characteristics have been unique to them since birth. Watching them grow is so much fun.


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