Frustration revisited

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A few times recently I have posted about my frustration and exasperation with Peas. I need to revisit it as I have had time to consider it further. What I have failed to remember is that Peas is just as frustrated as I am. She has thoughts and wants and needs and no way to communicate them to me. Heavens, she is trying but I do not understand and that would be enough to make me lost my composure too! Imagine you couldn't get someone who you loved- who was your whole world to understand something that you were trying so hard to express- wouldn't that make you a little frustrated too?

When I think more about it- my frustration is stemming more from the fact that I cannot communicate with her effectively. That I cannot understand her needs to meet them effectively, nor can I communicate my position to her. So.. my exasperation- while initially I thought was just the way it was- truly is something that I can do something about. I can improve our communication so we can meaningfully communicate thereby reducing frustration and stress on both of us.



Megan said...

Have you tried baby signs? My son was speech delayed because of chronic ear infections. I taught him sign language, just a few to use to get what he needed. Eliminated about 85% of stress and tantrums. Baby Einstein has a great dvd out that has all the ones you would need. You could get it for her, and have all your children watch and learn it, and make life a little easier for your whole household! I have actually used baby signs for all of my children. All the cousins use it too, so they all understand what the babies/toddlers need. It works incredibly well. We have pictures of babies in high chairs - three of them all "more-ing" making the sign for more! Everyone knew what they wanted. Hope this helps!

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