Weather Snob

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last week the weather was amazing. Warm, sunny; in short: amazing. Which has done a few things. Started me on outdoor projects and turned me into a weather snob. A few short months ago temperatures above 20 degrees would have be bundling up my herd and heading outside. Now 60 degrees seems chilly. I want my mid 70s back! I want warmer! I like it HOT.

This is the primary reason that I love the Midwest. All four seasons (sometimes in one day). For example on Wednesday we were wearing coats (not jackets- coats) and still cold the highs were mid to upper 40s. Thursday- it was 73 degrees and we gave the dog a bath in the hose. All of the seasons have their good points; by the time the seasons change I am ready for the change. In August or September I'll be ready for the crisp cool of Autumn. For now though I would really like some Chicago summer weather. I am ready.


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