You want me to do what with the pole??

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have not blogged a lot about pole dancing for a few weeks... not because I have not done it just because life seems to get in the way a lot. I think I would re-schedule just about ANYTHING to make pole dancing classes- I mean I skipped Glee- and if that is not love I do not know what is.

Level II is fantastic. If three months ago someone were to say "Flyer" I would say "stuck in my front door??" because that is all a "flyer" would be. Now it is a dance trick. If you say "flyer/dancer" I may cry a little because I have a hard time with that one. There is also the chair, and the flip flop, the peter pan, and the boomerang, etc...etc...

I have left a fair amount of wrist skin there and gotten some pretty intense bruises- but wow. I love it. LOVE. Except the pole climb. The pole climb and I are not friends, not even frenemies... we are just enemies- blatantly hostile- ask my inner thighs. It is a challenge, I will meet it, and I will succeed at the pole climb.

Here is my introspection for the week. I am considering- ok- I REALLY desperately want a pole for my house. I have a concern though. So I buy a pole and put it up in my house and dance and play on it great right?? I am afraid that having the pole in my house will somehow ruin the 'magic' of my playtime. Tease is a haven, a place to laugh, and feel safe, and see friends, and Tease itself makes pole dancing so so special. I am scared that having a pole will somehow make my pole dancing time a little less sacred.

Any ideas?? Please advise.


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