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Friday, April 16, 2010

My eye is twitching. I am SUPER stressed. I want so much to let loose with a stream
of bad words worthy of a teenage kid.

The day did not begin well- and it went down a fairly steep hill rather quickly.
Peas, today, decided to act in a perfectly age appropriate (yet exceptionally frustrating way). It took an hour to walk 4 blocks. An hour.

Then Peas and Stinky wanted to play in the dirt- ok fine- dirt it was- it did not last long before the kids started to fight over shovels- they each had their own but that was not apparently enough battle ensued.

Peas took a brief nap. All to brief. When she woke up it was not good. We decided to go for another walk. In the middle of the walk the wheel on the stroller fell off. Yep- that was great. Four kids a mile from home and a broken stroller. Left the stroller, carried 2 kids home got the car and went back for the stroller in the van.

This is where I made an error in judgment. I figured I already had everyone out- may as well hit the grocer, right?? Bad, bad, SUPER bad idea. Two year old little girls can be very stubborn at the least convenient time, like in the middle of a parking lot. I had to carry her through the entire store. Stinky had his share of issues too. He would not leave Princess alone to save his soul. FINALLY- we made it through the store to the check out line. As soon as we paid I asked who wanted to hold the receipt. Princess was paying attention and asked to- Stinky just lost it entirely when he missed out (because he was harassing Peas). The throw himself down on the floor and cry lose it. It was very fun. Princess being more mature than I am at times gave him the receipt in interest of getting out of there. Back to the van and back home.

Let the dogs out. Go back to carry groceries in. Go let dogs in. Hear screaming (sigh heavily) come back in to see Stinky holding Peas poised to punch her, Princess is in tears (stinky scratched her), Peas is defiant, and there are groceries ALL OVER THE FLOOR. Step into no nonsense mommy voice. Deal with situation. Stinky and mommy discuss why hitting is not okay even when people make you mad. Peas tries to retaliate (she really has the idea of, 'revenge is a dish best served cold' down.) Clean up groceries. Get snacks and drinks. Decompress. Feed Pixie who is not totally overwhelmed with all of the kids yelling.

Here is what I don't get. I had wanted to take them for a fun outing. I had wanted to do something fun and special with them- they knew this- did they subconsciously want to sabotage it??


Mrs. Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm a mom of 3; ages 5, just turned 2, and 11 months. I need to know that someone else in the world has these kind of days too!

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

I am not there yet, mainly because I don't have that many kids, but my days have certainly been rough the past 2 weeks so i understand! Yesterday was similar for me-except our grocery store experience was fine until we went home and I (foolishly) let the kids play outside while I put the groceries away-Jamie climbed and stood in the stroller and toppled it over onto the concrete where his face got a perfect impression of the ground on forehead, nose and cheek. And for good measure he left blood on the concrete from his nose so the floor would remember him. Sigh. BOYS!

nmann said...

I totally know what you mean! I've had many of those "I planned such a great day but everything is going horribly awry" kind of days! Ugh! (http://angelnicki.paidtoblog.com)

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