back on the pole

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

last night was my first night back pole dancing in close to a month. I was actually nervous again. I used to just be all excited about it. This time there were nerves.

What if I had forgotten EVERYTHING. What if I still hurt? What if was not strong enough or flexible enough anymore? There were a ton of variables running though my head.

During the stretching meditation Karyn said something about letting go of pain and discomfort with one big breath and I burst into giggles. As a friend said... I would need one heck of a big breath. I was not as flexible as normal; which was embarrassing and annoying. Some movements hurt. They felt like a bruised kidney a deeply bruised kidney.

During the trick portion I was super frustrated. I could not get the tricks. I tried and tried my momentum was not there, I was not landing right, or I was not extending enough. Maybe with more practice it will get back to normal.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

E-you really need to cut yourself some slack. Not only do you have 4 kids so you have probably close to zero practice time at home, you had 2 surgeries and haven't practiced in a month. Your mindset should have been "i'm going to go expecting to be able to do nothing considering all the factors" and then when you could do anything, you would have felt better.

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