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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok So I am behind on my blogging. Well ok I know. It is busy. It is summer (kind of).

Last week (or was it 2 weeks ago)whenever. After the Mother's Day that set the bar for next year pretty darn low... my car had to go get fixed. The sexy minivan.

It was gone for nearly a week to get repaired. In that week I learned a whole new appreciation for my minivan.

When they called to say it was ready I was ecstatic. Getting it home would be a challenge though. Thankfully, the shop offered to drop off my car. I was thrilled. Let the waiting commence.

When it was finally dropped off- it was towed here on the back of a flat-bed tow truck.

What happened next was so comical. My children lined up and sat down in the grass with my neighbors two children and their guests all joined them. They were almost in line by height. They sat riveted as the driver unloaded my van. It was entrancing. My children had never seen a car loaded or unloaded from a tow truck before so it was all new. The intensity with which they watched was unparalleled.

As soon as the tow truck left though they went back to playing as if nothing had happened.

So my car is back and repaired. Yay! I am hoping and praying I don't need to visit a repair shop for a long time.


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