She is not a problem

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok well if she is, it is YOUR problem; not hers.

Peas has personality. A huge personality in this little body.

Some people in my family call her a 'problem child' despite my requests to stop it. Well I have a problem with that. She is a child. Not a problem child. She is spirited, curious, exuberant, and passionate. Which, admittedly does make things frustrating for adults (and me, a lot). But it is MY problem. Not hers. She is who she is. Good for her.

In my opinion. Calling her a problem child is just labeling her and setting her up for issues later. Why do that to her? Does it make adults feel better to put off their (our) inability to work with a child feel better by labeling her 'the problem'. What good does that do anyone? She can internalize that label and then effect her for the rest of her life. As a 'problem child', I know that those labels can be very painful.

So don't call Peas a problem child please.


Megan said...

Wow, it would break my heart if someone said something like that about one of my kids. I hope you let 'em have it! She's a little beauty, and it she is frustrating at times, it's because her little brain is growing so fast, she gets lots of ideas before she has developed any judgment. She'll catch up with herself, and then look out! She'll be amazing, and people will ask, "wasn't she the one who was such a stinker?" and You'll laugh, because you knew all along how fabulous she was going to be!

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