No good options.

Monday, June 21, 2010

So a week ago.. a week and a half maybe? I had a kidney stone issue that was obstructing my ureter. I spent a night completely doped up. After my CT scan the doc came in and told me my right kidney was swollen and I have a lot of huge stones in my right kidney and some smaller ones in my left.

the next day the urologist put a stent in my right ureter to open it up. It was so swollen, irritated, infected he almost couldn't get the stent in. That stent was horrific. The side effects from it were unmanageable.

Last wednesday I had to have my old stent out and a smaller one put it in and the new blockage removed. During this procedure the urologist noticed that my ureter was deformed (kinked) which meant my kidney was not draining right, which probably contributed to the stones. He also thinks that the kink has caused it to be back pressured so long that I have damaged my kidney- hence the renal swelling.

I am having a renal scan done next week to get a firmer picture, but from the consult today, he wants to go in remove the stones and fix my ureter. Great plan, right? Except that I would have to have a larger stent for 4-6 weeks. Not so great. I could not stand the stent for a week--- let alone 4-6!!!

But if I do not do this I am a sitting duck for the next stone issue. I could be up shit creek- no way to get to the ER and no one to watch the kids. Not to mention the continued damage to my kidney.

No idea what to do. I feel like either choice is shitty.


Farrah said...

I think you have to do it. I mean, you don't want to risk further damage and issues down the road. Pick a time when your mom can come stay for a few weeks and be there to help with the kiddos.
I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this. I hope you figure out a good solution. :)

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