A huge accomplishment

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stinky can now ride his bike without training wheels. Before you go congratulate him- remember he is now faster than me; I will have a decidedly harder time catching him if he decides to not listen.

How did this happen? The boy who could not peddle his bike at the beginning at the summer now can ride his bike without training wheels!

Princess learned how to ride this spring and inspired him to learn to ride. Today, our friend decided that she was ready to loose the training wheels- and off she went. Her mother and I cheered, jumped up and down, and clapped euphorically. It was so thrilling. In my opinion- better than the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup- but what do I know- I was drugged out of my mind.

Not to be out done Stinky decided that he would loose his extra wheels too. Off they went- and off he went. He got it. He is not steady yet and steering needs a lot of work but he can balance. Stinky tends to ride right into the grass; there if he falls it won't hurt so bad.

Today he managed to not get hurt at all but plow into our poor unsuspecting neighbor. So the steering and stopping will be the next order of business.

He made the round of phone calls to Papa and Grammy to tell how he learned to ride a "TWO WHEELER!" he excitedly demonstrated his skills for the neighbors- and he is is all set to go again tomorrow.


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