Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today I had surgery. Again for my kidney stones. It went really well from what I can tell. I mean I am still alive so that is a good place to start, right? I feel better too. Which is fantastic; for the past few days I felt like poop. Just miserable, painful, crampy, so it is an improvement.

I learned a few things though. I have deformed ureters. Which makes me forming stones much likely because they are all twisty and just wrong. The stone that was the concern today was soft. The doc went to grab it and it tore- like tissue. Which has the potential to be concerning. Had I not had the CT scan a week ago there would be a concern about a tumor or something- but it is just a soft stone.

So now I have to schedule the next procedures to get rid of my other stones and consider getting my ureter corrected.

So here we are. Much improved but not all better.
And that is a good start.


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