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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is time for my weekly post pole report.

Yes, I went to pole dancing last night, gravel pit kidney and all. I needed it. It would not have been a pretty sight had I not had that hour and a half to not be mama.

So- yah.

Today, a friend asked me an intriguing question. What, exactly do I like about pole dancing. 'Everything' not being a suitable answer- I was stumped. What do I like about it- well- umm everything.

Specifically? The way it makes me feel- physically yes- but more emotionally, mentally.

I can turn off the caring about everyone else for a little bit and take care of myself. I can nurture relationships with other women which in turn nurtures me. Then when I go home I am much more prepared to nurture my family.

Going to pole dancing class- sure makes me feel sexy- but it makes me feel more sensual. It reminds me not to live my life like a chess game- planning four moves head; but to relish the moment. It also reminds me to love and appreciate my body as it is now- gravel pit and all- for what it has given me. For what I do with it. To embrace it for all the amazing things that my body- the body of a woman- the body of a mother can and has done. Things that only a woman's body can do and honor that.

Tease has given me more confidence in so many aspects. I feel better about myself. I am learning to accept me and myself and go one step further- to love it. To be proud of it.

That is a gift. So those are just a few- just a small glimpse of what I love about it.

Certainly- everyone's journey is different; everyone has their own challenges my journey through mine is specific to me and my obstacles, someone else will have a different point of view entirely. Yet another amazing thing about these classes.


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Wonderful post, well said!!

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