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Friday, June 18, 2010

Since I have talked about pole dancing. This is for a few reasons. It is really hard to be sexy when writhing in pain from kidney stones. There is something that is just not sexy about them.

So I had to miss dancing. I was very sad. But the support I have gotten from the other ladies in my class in emails has been so amazing. It has made me feel loved and cared about- for more than my laundry skills. Even the studio owner has been so supportive. It makes me all melty inside. Women are such amazing creatures- we can either nurture and support each other through hell or we tear each other to shreds without a second thought. I am so so blessed to have such caring women in my life. I hope all of them know how amazing they are.

A few weeks ago now I had an opportunity to dance at the opening of "Sex and the City 2" in Naperville, IL with Tease. Thank you Kristin for this amazing chance. A year a go... heck 6 months ago if someone were to say, "you'll be pole dancing and burlesque dancing at a movie premiere in public" I would laugh and look at the person like they had a third head.

I have talked on and on about all that Tease has done for me. This was a chance to show off my new confidence in my body (sure there are times that I am more confidant than others)but still even the though of dancing in lingerie a few months ago would have sent me into fits of giggles.

Now?? Ok well my courage was increased with the other women- but I did it. I was and am proud of my body.

That too me is the most important message of Tease. To embrace your body to embrace your strength and honor it for all that it is. Having the chance to show other women how much fun it it is and the confidence that it gives me was an awesome way to give back a little.


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