It made me soooo mad!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What do you do when one of your kids does something that you just can't handle? Stinky 'boxed' Peas' ears with wooden building blocks. She now has matching bruises on her face. Why? Because she was playing with his trains.

Of late, Stinky has been having a hard time. I understand it though. He is the only boy here. He is also going through huge changes. He is nearly 4 years old and his brain is so busy learning sometimes he forgets other things.

All of this is great- but- it made me SO ANGRY to see him deliberately hurt his sister. Granted, was not trying to hurt her in a malicious way- he wanted her to stop and she would not. It was an impulsive action.

I asked him who was allowed to hit him and he replied 'nobody'. Okay then, don't hit anyone!

As soon as he realized he really hurt her- he was sad. He felt bad. Which then made me sad for him- but pleased that he felt remorse and tried to help. He is learning how to navigate his world. Which is challenging; it is a big world!


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