Sunday Continued....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And the saga continues......

We arrived at The American Girl Place via horse-drawn carriage. It was seriously like a little girls perfect day dream. We were able to talk about Laura Ingalls and The Little House on the Prairie and see in context how people used to travel.

Once arriving at the store; which is much more than a store- more of an icon- shopping commenced. Princess picked the doll she wanted: Rebecca from New York circa 1910. One thing I love about the stores associated with the dolls is that they show common things to all girls that transcend time periods that girls of today can relate to.
It is a fantastic way to make history fun and interesting. To personalize it so it relates to an individual or group of individuals.

We had some time to kill before our much anticipated dinner at The American Girl Restaurant so we wandered around Water Tower Place mall for a bit and stopped and had snacks at a pretzel place.

Soon it was time to head back to American Girl to get ready for dinner. First we stopped downstairs and paid for Princess's new doll. During this time, Peas woke up and was less than thrilled. She wanted a doll. She really wanted a doll, and she made it known. Since American Girl dolls are a bit too old for her and she already has a Bitty Baby she compromised, unwillingly, for an outfit for her baby.

I am not sure what I was expecting from the American Girl restaurant but I was surprised at what I found. It was not like a 'kid restaurant'. It was obviously girly, but also really adult.

They had napkins that had hairbows that you got to keep as souvenirs and a box of questions on the table to entertain you while you waited for your meal.

Speaking of the meal it was not a Chilis type of place. From the 'warm welcome' of cinnamon buns to the chocolate mousse dessert it super fun.

My only complaints would relate to the little kids. While I understand and respect that they are catering to young girls who want to be grown up but it would have been nice to have cups with lids for my little ones. The other issue is non kid related but I would have preferred to have bathrooms for kids... I mean come on- it is a store focused on kids- and there are no kid sized bathrooms... Ikea has that!

We will be back though. We will.

That ended the adventures for the most part. We walked back to the train station and rode home to arrive close to 10 pm.... a late late late night.

Soon it was time to head


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