It was a good day

Sunday, June 27, 2010

until Princess threw up on her friend.

Princess, Stinky and her friend have been very upset by the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In truth, I have too, which is why I have not written about it: it makes me to angry and sad- and I feel helpless.

So the kids wanted to help somehow. They really needed to feel like they could help. A lemonade stand was proposed. Princess's friend's mama and I decided that it was the least we could do; and the lemonade stand was born.

All week I heard daily about the stand. How excited they were to help the poor animals covered in oil. Stinky asked for status reports on the oil, "is it still flowing mama?" or "why haven't they fixed it mama?" I wish I had good answers but I did have a Costco tub of lemonade mix, poster board, paints, and cups. So we made lemonade, made signs and set them up.

They were out there selling lemonade with all of their hearts. All day whenever a car drove by or a person walked by they were greeted with a chorus of "LEMONADE for the ANIMALS!".

It was pretty much a success and best of all they felt like they had made a difference.

The issue started as complaining about a tummy ache- Princess had consumed about a gallon of lemonade through the day day so a tummy ache was not wholly unexpected.

After we cleaned up and went in the girls continued to play and the mamas watched the world up. Until someone came down stairs and said that Princess had thrown up on her foot. If only it was her foot. It was EVERYWHERE!

It was only that once, though she was fine after. No subsequent issues.

So today I will mail off a check to the animals.


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