After School Activities!?!?!?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Princess is in Daisy's. I hemmed and hawed about Daisy's because I did not want to 'over schedule' her. Keeping in mind that this was the only activity she was signed up for I decided that it would be ok to commit her to one afternoon once a month- that her emotional well being could with stand up to the rigors of such a tough schedule (insert sarcasm here)

I however am struggling. She is getting SOOOO big! When did she get so big? When did she stop needing me to help her?? I am kind of sad about that. I mean hoorah for independence and all but so soon? What happened to my little 3 lb baby? When did she turn into a kid- like an actual kid not a little kid- but a KID? Speaking of that when did she get so tall??? I am short. REALLY short- so most people are tall to me- Princess however at age 5 is probably going to be taller than my by the time she is in third grade.

So here she goes off into the land of activities. Sad again because we will never be that free time unscheduled- just go with it family- we will have commitments and schedules- and meetings- I don't think I like that so much


Michelle said...

Get used to it. They become their own people with their own interests and their own friends and their own things to do way too fast. Frank got up at 6 a.m. for free ice time to play pick up hockey this morning; of course, he still depends on us to get him there!

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