Sick Children

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My children have a flair for the dramatic. So when Princess starts saying she does not feel well half of me just figures it is a day that ends in 'y' and to carry on. The day before yesterday she was acting 'off' nothing that was concrete just not herself. So I observed. Quietly. As the morning she went on she perked up. She was feeling well enough to argue with her siblings as the day progressed so I thought maybe she had just had a hard time sleeping the night prior.

Yesterday she again woke up feeling out of sorts. This time she looked decidedly pale too. She also did not bounce back. I touched her face and it was warm. Her temp was 102. Well- that explains the 'off' and the pallor. But she had nothing else. Nothing. Kids are weird right? probably some virus that she would just have to work through.

Last night. I did not get to sleep. Why is it that coughs make their appearance as the sun goes down and are exponentially worse at night and seem to get proportionally worse as the night goes on? Also why is it that my children fight medicine most when they need it?? Questions to ponder as I sat up next to my five year old listening to her cough up a lung. As a precaution I got the throw-up bowl: a stainless steel bowl that among its many purposes is the throw up catcher for when the bathroom is just too far. It seemed a good precautionary measure considering Princess is on the top bunk and making it down the ladder when coughing enough to vomit is asking a bit much of a five year old.

That is where I spent my night- rubbing the back of my sick child. Praying that she gets a bit better today.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Will she take honey? Supposedly a spoonful of that is just as effective as cough medicine...good luck! Get some sleep! :(

Just Me said...

the honey is fantastic for the cough part not so much for the wheeze

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