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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The mail came early today. How do I know that? My golden doodle dog darn near peed on himself he was so excited. He was barking as if we were under attack- odd thing though- he is totally non- aggressive towards anyone- he just begs for affection.

In the mail there were no bills- always a good day. There were however, the grocery ads, I look forward to this day every week (just to give you a glimpse at how thrilling my life is- yes the grocery ads are up there on my excitement-o-meter.

I did what I always do- stand at the counter and eat my lunch because I do not want to share my food (even if I have the EXACT same thing as the kids it is for some reason is better from mama's plate) and flipped through the adds.

A few things struck me. My grocer of choice has taken to printing coupons in their circular- great right? ehhh not so much. I am lazy- coupon clipping does not save me enough money to warrant the effort of clipping, storing, keep track of sales- not to mention the coupons- maybe I am doing it wrong.

Second thought under the heading "Fresh For Less" hot dogs are listed- how on Earth are hot dogs fresh? Not like fresh sausage I am talking about the mass marketed brand name hot dogs. Decidedly not fresh- in my estimation. As far as that goes neither is anything that has an expiration date next year.

Then- I turn the page- Dairy. Since when is orange juice dairy? Does not come from cows- or goats or even sheep! Neither does almond milk or lemonade. When did dairy get redefined?

And last. Personal products. Condoms. Why bother being all discrete about it when you have a picture of the box? Really? Come on now. And you better not buy these in a certain state as having more than a couple of condoms is apparently proof of being a sex worker.

ok. I am done now.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Haha, I think I know which ad you are talking about-a week or so ago I saw the same thing "Fresh" something listed and something totally NOT fresh there-i was like "When did X" become fresh (and because I am a mama like you cannot for the life of me remember what it was!)

Just Me said...

I cheated- I brought the ad to the computer to write- because I would have never remembered what I wanted to whine about

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