Another Step Toward Manhood

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stinky took a flying leap toward manhood today- albeit a painful one.
We have kind of a routine in the house. He gets up announces like any man worth his salt that he is hungry. I tell him that the kitchen has not moved since yesterday and he is welcome to come and help me.

We settle on a breakfast choice, usually pancakes, and while waiting for his main course he sits his bum down and eats some fruit and has some juice. Shortly he stands up in his chair very shocked and loudly announces that he has to pee. Again he is reminded that the rooms of our house have not spontaneously rearranged themselves overnight. He runs off to the bathroom clutching his boy part with a death grip. He runs into the bathroom and runs out of the bathroom, then running in place still holding his hood ornament pants that 'my pee to fast!' which translates to 'It is an emergency and I cannot even focus enough to pull my pants down'. I go up there and help him then go back to finish breakfast after washing my hands of course.

Today we had a script change. Instead of needing help he got ready to potty all by himself! Yay! right? not so fast. From the bathroom came a high pitched scream that made me wonder who was in the bathroom and what was happening in there. I ran up the stairs and he was so upset he was doing the crying face without actually crying- he was having a hard time remembering to breathe upon assessing the scene I observed blood emanating from his boy part which he was holding on to with both hands. Eventually he calmed down enough to tell me what happened: he had gotten the skin stuck in his zipper. Poor guy. After a brief survey of other men it seems to be a common injury that is intensely painful- but it is almost a right of passage.

Knowing that it was common did not make it any less traumatic. another step toward manhood down


Imperfect Mama said...

OH poor Stinky!!! That makes me cringe, and I don't even HAVE that part. :(

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