Needles and Eyes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

typically you want to avoid the two meeting right??

I agree that the two shall not meet. Ever. Maybe.

Since I had this diagnosis I have been not very bloggy- not very talky- not very anything except crabby and well crabby.

After an ER visit and a consult with one ophthalmologist then a referral to another ophthalmologist this time a retinal vitreous specialist.

Seriously I have learned more about eye anatomy and the treatment of diseases of the eye in the past 24 hours than I previously ever knew (coming from a bio major).

So what is happening in my eye to make my vision be all wonky?

I have a CRVO in my right eye. It is causing swelling and bleeding which is causing my vision loss. My optic nerve is swollen and there is some issue with the cup around my optic nerve. I was also diagnosed with glaucoma. All sorts of fantastic right?

So what treatment? Needles. IN MY EYE!
Yes I have to get injections in my eye. The doctor ran through a list of treatment options and this one seemed to be the best fit. This will hopefully reduce the swelling and prevent further loss of sight. There are some drawbacks primarily the needles. I also could develop cataracts earlier than I may have otherwise. Or my intraocular pressures may go up (which would be controlled with drops). But we will cross that bridge when we come to it. My mantra tends to be 'lets not borrow problems when they are giving them away for free?'

Now I am not a fan of needles in general. When they are aimed at my eye I am even less of a fan. Like running in the opposite direction screaming.


Farrah said...

Oh dear, E!! This is horrible! I will certainly be praying for you about this- that the treatment wouldn't be too painful and that it would be effective in reducing the swelling and vision loss. What a total pain! SO sorry!

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