Belated Year End Review

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Post-lifted from my friend Heather

Name: SomewhatSingleMama
Department:H Household
Title: CEO, COO (lots of other letters also)
Date: 1/21/2010

1.What do you consider to be the top three to five priorities of your job as you understand them?

Attend to the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of team members, maintain an atmosphere of minimized chaos, help reduce dependence on supervision.

2.What do you see as your greatest accomplishments or successful efforts over this past year?

I aided in allowing a junior member to undertake some independence in her education. Also I reduced our dependence on absorbent undergarments for one junior team member. We also grew our organization by one junior member.

3.What factors, environmental or otherwise, impacted your job or your ability to perform your job during the last year?

The prospect of leading a growing organization is daunti

ng. Because I have been assigned to lead this organization with out much support from a co- leader the responsibilities have, at times, seemed overwhelming. This, at time, impacted my leadership abilities.

4.Complete the following sentence. I believe that my greatest contribution to the department is: finding ways to creatively encourage the junior members to challenge themselves.

5.In what area or areas would you like to gain more experience, training or education?

I would appreciate the chance to participate in leadership training and educational development. I would also like the chance to learn about optimizing the time I have and organization.

6.What activities, classes or trainings have you participated in over the last review period in order to develop yourself professionally?

Regrettably, this is one area I am lacking in. Most of my research has resulted from conversing with and brainstorming other individuals in my position and brainstorming solutions to our challenges.

7.What could you do to perform your job duties and assigned tasks more efficiently?

I could take more initiative with regards to organization particularly as it relates to documenting commitments on a master calender. I also should be more proactive about scheduling time to recenter myself allowing me to lead the team members more effectively

8.What can your supervisor or co-workers do to assist you in becoming more efficient?

Physical and mental presence of a co-chairperson would certainly help. The junior team members also could continue their self- supervision skill development. We could all function more efficiently if we would successfully complete a strategy meeting without incessant interruption.

9.Please complete the following. I believe my goals and objectives for the coming year should be:

One of my primary goals is to again reduce the organization's dependence on diapers by one member. This would increase our mobility while decreasing cost and waste.

I also hope to decrease junior members dependence on night time cuddles.

10.What other comments or suggestions would you like to offer?

Currently the job I have been assigned is typically handled by more than one individual. While I have been struggling to meet all of the organization's objectives there are times when accomplishing everything is not possible resulting in discord and stress within the organization. I suggest to reduce these instances we consider delegation of some of the tasks to either outside contractors or more junior team members.


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