cats and doors

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have 2 cats. Most of the time I like them. They each have their own little idiosyncrasies- much like people. Misty is still pulling her fur out- no idea why- I understand it is a stress reaction- but she is a CAT what is stressful? The sleep? The petting? Heaven forbid the purring!

she also has an issue with closed doors. can't stand them. She is very good at opening the doors that she does not like closed. Which is problematic. Sometimes I like to have doors closed to keep kids or a puppy out or the heat in! But nope she can't stand it. If she cannot open a door she sits there and cries this guttural cry to get you to open the door for her- even if she just walks away after and does nothing in the room. She is an odd duck.

Rosie- also is strange at times- if you pet her back she has to lick something. She also gets over stimulated easily and will go a bit crazy on you if you are not careful.

Odd cats... why do they do these things!?!?!?!


Sarah H said...

How funny! I was cracking up reading this.

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