Happy New Year

Friday, January 1, 2010

gone are the days of ringing in the New Year at some hot spot with a drink and dancing-sleeping until noon the next day and starting the day with a few Advil and water.

My new version of New Years Eve is MUCH more fun. We had a really nice dinner at home. We discussed all of the things that happened in 2009 and all we had to look forward too in 2010. After cleaning up the mess from dinner we moved on and made a cheesecake for tomorrow...which I had help with in the form of three very enthusiastic mini pastry chefs. They quality controlled every step with me and approved the cinnamon:chocolate chip ratio.

While that was baking we played a riveting three rounds of CandyLand. Somehow each child managed to win one round. Which presented a challenge for the losing players. There was much gnashing of teeth and even more stomping off to bedrooms with a solemn oath to never play again (for the next five minutes).

As the night grew later we had some strawberry fondue. Which did not go over as well as I had anticipated. They love strawberries and chocolate...but together? My children were less than impressed. They are clearly food purists.

We do not get to have many nights like that were we really focus on each other and spend so much quality time together. We had a wonderful time. It was great- but very tiring.

No the kids did not make it up until midnight- but well neither did I. I also would like to reiterate that staying up late does NOT correspond to sleeping in for the preschool set. Sleep begets sleep. Overtired begets temper tantrums- just an FYI.

A good way to end the year- a way to remind me what amazing gifts I have been given.


Farrah said...

Sounds like a perfect new years eve to me. Some precious family memories that you and the kids will treasure. You should make it your family tradition- dinner, cheesecake, candyland, fondue. :)
Happy New Year, friend!

Sarah H said...

That sounds very sweet! Sometimes it's a family night that is the most fun!

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