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Monday, January 11, 2010

Life gets so stressful so fast. Especially when you are attempting to drive in conditions that can only mean our dear sweet mother nature is trying to kill you. I passed several flipped cars and even more cars that were off the road in the attempt to get out to Galena. Poor- G-d- was probably like 'Shut up already it is Illinois it is Winter- you should expect this.'

We made it alive. Barely. It was advanced winter driving techniques 103 or something. Frigid temps, snow, and, wind blowing the snow into white out conditions- while blowing cars across the highway- then just for fun lets add in hills, cliffs, and tight turns. Oh yeah- also for kicks make it late at night with no street lights.

We arrived. Safely. at 2 am. Kids passed out around 3. I gave up the fight around 4. I was up and ready the following morning at 7. The next day my friend and I had decided to take a beading class: "Wine, Chocolate, and Beads" at Galena Beads It was so much fun. Our teacher even has her own etsy store Hollingsworth. She makes the coolest rings! I am trying to not go hog wild and buy a few more of her pieces than is reasonable.

Admittedly, I was SO overwhelmed. And entire store full of beads how to choose just a few to make a piece of jewelry. Something caught my eye- very art deco- very cool. I found what I was looking for. The main part at least- the rest was to complement the 'main event'.

Beading commenced. It was turning out beautifully. And I was hooked. I have a new pastime a new way to reach my 'zen'.

Here are some pictures taken by my very talented friend Jenni of Lion's Roar Media


Heather said...

ooo, pretty pretties!

sounds like you guys had fun once you made it there!

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