Survival Mode

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I need to buy one of those maritime yellow flags indicating quarantine. We have been under self imposed quarantine for the past week. But to be fair I should allow others to not be exposed to our pathogens if they choose not to be.

For the past few days (feels like weeks) we have been in survival mode here. By survival mode I mean we have not been doing things that are not necessary to survive.

No one has eaten a true meal in about a week. It has been grazing- whatever strikes out fancy at the moment.

Last night I had a friend come and bail me out so I did not have the pressure of all of the kids and their needs on my sick mind. He asked what was for dinner. "Dinner?" I asked slightly confused.... I had to think and wonder, "food? what do I do??" my friend could hear the confusion in my voice.

Now that we are on the mend I have to dig out. It will take a long time. Lots of laundry. Lots of disinfecting. We may venture out of the house today.


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