Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yeah I know I have lived in Chicago for a while now- this whole cold winter thing should be old by now. Every year though- it never fails to take me by surprise- the first day of really cold weather- the kind that hurts. The kind when your coat gets all crunchy from freezing in the cold. Yep that cold.

It is that way now... 17 in the sun. Which is childs' play compared to what Chicago can dish out when really freaking cold. Then 17 will be a warm front.

This means a few things. Chicagoans are hearty- like Shetland ponies. 17 is still warm enough for me to take the kids outside for a few moments- not all day like I'll do in 30 degree weather but for a little just to take the edge off.

The cold also makes me start thinking ahead for the REALLY cold days that usually come mid January as to what to do with the kids? What should I do with them to keep them entertained and my house still standing?

I am open to ideas


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