shovel please

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

this is a bit of a rant- and if you do not shovel your side walks stop reading now. really. No really.

as the mother of a lot children under five and a new puppy I need to get out and get some fresh air and ideally simultaneously wear out both the puppy and the kids. What better way than to walk to school. Because one of my children is only 23 months old, and cannot walk the mile to school and back , I have to take a stroller. Which is a royal pain even in the best of circumstances. When people have neglected to shovel their sidewalks it becomes hell. Yes, hell.

So today it was reasonably nice out sunny 20 odd degrees we get coats, hats, gloves, boots on and set out into the Chicago tundra to get to school with the 9 week old puppy. Our side of the street does not have sidewalks and I sorely wish it did. So we either have to walk in the street or across the road on the sidewalks there. This would be fine except some people elect not to shovel. Why? No idea. I mean sure if you are elderly or sick or something I understand but just not to shovel? Why?

Or the shoveling about six inches wide.. sure I am going to do a balance beam routine as I walk my kids to school.

So I ended up dragging the stroller leaned back with 2 kids in it about a block (the block that is along the somewhat busy street) then walking in the street the rest- and taking a different way home that avoided most of the somewhat busy street.

Next time it snows I am so taking my shovel and shoveling across the street- because despite the fact that I had a fantastic leg work out I am now tired.

and as an FYI if I were to slip and fall and break something I would so sue. if for nothing else than to get people to SHOVEL!!!


Heather said...

yeah, suburbia. so few people walk anymore it's not walking friendly anymore.

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Since I agree w/ Heather that so few do and it probably won't get better-may I offer a solution-a (drum roll please....) SLED! My mother used to walk us to school everyday and she used a sled to take my under 2 year old sister w/ us. It worked perfectly-just attach (or buy one w/ one attached) a rope to it to pull and you are set-the problem of traveling in the snow w/ a non-distance walker-SOLVED!

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