Never A Good Day

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13 is the anniversary of the day I went to Utah for treatment.
Every year I am a bit out of sorts on January 13th. Leading up to it I am usually a bit apprehensive- then the day dawns and I am irritable- reclusive- depressed- all sorts of of unpleasantness.

Today is no different. I am short tempered and less than patient. Getting out the door makes me a little overwhelmed. It does not help that leading up to this I have had flash back dreams to Utah- about being trapped there and unable to come home. My muscles are tense. My back is tense- I am anxious. I am on edge.

I wonder if my parents approach this day with anxiety. I wonder if they remember it the way I do?

Of course- this treatment is what saved my life. Without it I would probably died. The importance of it cannot be understated. Going there made me the mother I am. The person I am.

Thank you Mom and Dad for choosing this. Thank you for not giving up on me- when I wanted to- when I had. Thank you for not letting me go.


Heather said...

Oh, sorry E. I didn't realize it was this anniversary for you or I would've taken your kiddos for a little while or something...

So glad you made it through all of that...

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