Hate the dentist

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who else is not so fond of the dentist? I can't be the only one in bloggy world who avoids the dentist?

I am not however avoiding it for the typical reason fear or pain- however I am far from averse to a xanax before the appointment. I am avoiding it for fear of judgment. Thanks to several years of an eating disorder I have effectively ruined my teeth. My main issue with the dentist relates to self- consciousness. I am embarrassed as to what my teeth look like.

Today I chipped another tooth. I took a trip down the stairs on my butt and in the process managed to bruise excessively and chip a tooth. I need to get it repaired and I'll get there. I also have a few cavities I need to get taken care of. But I am not looking forward too it.


Heather said...

Oh, I hate the dentist too. Yes, embarrasing...they always seem to pack on the guilt trips and then there's the pain and discomfort. no fun at all. Sorry about your fall!

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