Winter Fun

Monday, January 4, 2010

I know a lot of people really despise the cold and snow. I like the winter- most of the time. I do not think that I could live in a place that does not have seasons. Chicago has that. We have the hot sweltering weather in the summer and bone chilling cold in the winter. Even the cold and snow can be great fun.

Last week it was cold- and snowing. So what did we do? We went to the arboretum. I love the arboretum. It is fun for all seasons and all weather (even rain). It will be the last membership that I let go- after the Children's Museum or the Zoo.

We met some friends there for a quick snack and then out into the great white winter wonderland we went. The kids were in kid heaven. Snow! lots of it. I was so disappointed- I remembered my camera but forgot to charge the darn battery- the kids were having such a great time I wanted to get pictures of it.

Slides are even more fun in the winter with snow and ice- did you know that? The kids did. They had a fantastic an exhausting time.

It was so much fun to meet our friends there because they all were able to play together- no one was left out- the big kids waited for and helped the little ones and everyone was able to enjoy themselves- even the mamas.

Peas looked like the kid from "A Christmas Story" with her arms stuck out at her sides waddling/running after the big kids. Every so often the big kids would stop and wait for her- they would wait at stairs and hills to help her up. It wasn't just my kids it was all of the friends.

I was just talking to Princess about what her favorite part was and she said climbing and figuring out different ways to get up to the slides.

So as soon as we hit the 20 degree mark we'll head back there.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

When I read you went there my eyebrows shot up and my jaw dropped! Kuddos to you for braving it!

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