The best things in life are free

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

But they take a lot of time and effort- thankfully, some of the effort is just so so much fun.

Last night we had so much fun. I missed my pole dancing class and that was a bummer- but catching lighting bugs with the kids until 9:30 was so fun. We also played tag and duck duck goose.

When I was little catching lightning bugs was one of the things I looked forward to most.

My mom would find a container and poke some air holes in it and my friends and I would run around the neighborhood catching the fireflies until the jar glowed like a lantern.

At some point the mothers would yell for the kids to come home and we would fall unceremoniously to sleep.

Having the time yesterday to run around and play with my kids was one of the highlights of my week, month even. It was just such a great night. I wish I could explain it.

Peas was playing duck duck goose and was giggling so much she could hardly get the words out. When she would get a lightening bug she would cradle it in her hand and ask it politely to light up.

Pixie, too young to really understand, was determined to take part. She sat in the circle and ran around shrieking with glee. She was thrilled to look at the lightning bugs, fascinated by their glow.

Stinky ran around like I have never seen him. Catching lightning bugs with cat like reflexes.

Princess- what can I say about her? She is growing into be such an amazing kid. She helped Pixie get lightning bugs and played duck duck goose. She is a wonderful kid.


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