The Tornado Sirens Are Not Used For Musicality

Friday, June 24, 2011

When tornado sirens sound- go to the basement. This is elementary right? We all learn this in grade school.

It is not specifically the tornado that is the concern but the debris it picks up and tosses like a Nerf ball- except a lot more dangerous.

Tuesday the sky got black way to early. Wind gusted like I had never seen (or felt) Lightening flashed. It was surreal.

The noise was deafening. It would not have been surprising to see a cow a la Twister fly by (even though there are no cows with in a mile or so of here)

But, there were people who did not listen to the warnings and were hanging out... Dude. Nothing may happen and that is great- but heaven forbid something does happen, it is better to be somewhere with some modicum of protection.

This is confusing- some towns do not sound sirens for "Tornado Warnings" for a radar indicated tornado- they wait until a tornado is spotted before sounding them. On Tuesday, one town that was hit by a tornado did not sound the the tornado was not spotted. Visibility was poor, and the tornado was rain wrapped. This has the potential to end tragically- and if the tornado the other night was stronger it very easily could have had a sad ending.

Other municipalities do sound their sirens for radar indicated tornados, which in my opinion is a lot safer of a choice. Regardless- if there is a tornado warning- get in the basement.

This means that as a resident you should know under what circumstances your municipality sounds the sirens and be aware of a safe place to go.


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

This makes me so grateful to live in a tornado free town! Seeing all these images on TV with all the tornado's already this year is so frightening. I don't know how you all do it.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by Everyday Mom Ideas and leaving your lovely comment.

Just Me said...

Aw thanks! your blog is awesome!
the weather lately has been majorly PMS-y

Whitney Anderson said...

That sounds really scary. I live in a place that usually doesn't get many tornadoes, but our area has seen a few this spring. One night my city had a tornado warning and I stayed up half the night because I was so scared. (By the way, here from SITS)

Anastasia said...

We don't have tornadoes here. Yet anyway. But it sounds scary and your right, it's better to be safe then sorry!

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