I'll take pain for $200, Alex

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stinky gets sick fast. When he does get sick he does not mess around. He also loathes medicine. Chewable or liquid- I cannot even get him to take children's Tylenol with out vomiting after. This goes for the super tasty bubblegum antibiotics as well. Last time he was on it we had to get several refills because he kept vomiting.

This time as we sat in the room with the doctor, discussing our options about medication for his positive strep test. He could chose the bubblegum medicine that so many kids clamor for or he could have a shot.

Get this. He willingly chose the shot. A kid. Chose a shot. I should not be surprised. This is the kid who chooses a Tylenol suppository over the cherry stuff.

He is a strange one.

Stinky cried a little during the shot, but he was fine shortly after. He commented getting into the car that he did not have to take any more medicine now.

Fair Enough.


Miki said...

Smart kid :) I've been there with you having to pin my kids down to get medicine into them (never had them puke it back up, though). Never fun!

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