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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My kids are rough and tumble. We go roughly a box of band-aids in a week and a half (half of those band-aids are completely unnecessary). But my first aid skills are pretty rockin'

Peas was riding Princess's scooter, she can really move on it, Stinky was on his, Princess was on his bike, Pixie was in the stroller and we set off. Peas and Stinky, despite my requests not to decided to scooter down a hill. It did not end well.

Stinky slid down the last third of the hill baseball style, with out the benefit of pants, or dirt. It was on black top. He crashed into the wooden lip around a swing set. He walked away unscathed, except for a skinned knee. He was screaming, I was afraid he broke a bone or something, he refused to walk. But- nope he seems to have a flair for the dramatic.

Peas wiped out too. Face first into a rock. She stood up and blood was pouring out of her nose and mouth. Her lip was already swelling. She was ticked. Pissed off at the nerve of the ground to surprise her like that.

---interjection I had just put a first aid kit in the stroller 2 days before, and it is a darn good thing I did.------

I got both kids up to the stroller and opened up the kit. Pulled out gauze and put it on her nose and mouth. Then cleaned off Stinky's knee- it was hardly bleeding and put a band-aid on it.

Turned to Peas. She was still pouting but the bleeding was slowing. I asked her if she would ride in the stroller home and she insisted, emphatically on riding the scooter. Stinky, however, needed to ride.

When we got home it was time to clean up Peas a little more. She had a pretty big bump on her head, her nose was bruised and her lip was mangled.

She had a popsicle for her mouth and a whole head cold pack for her face. On the whole she seemed to handle it really well. Princess also, and she really does not do blood very well (she'll turn white, and feel like fainting. This time she kept it together.

I had to take her to the doctor for her nose and it is broken. There is nothing really to do for it until she is older though.

Walking home though she had blood all over her face and all over her hands.. she looked like she was in a nasty fight. But she has some gumption.

To repeat what someone said about her: She hit the ground and won.


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