In or Out

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The kids love to play outside. This is good. Keeps them active, wears them out etc.

But the in and out of the house is driving me nuts.

My mom used to yell at me to stay in or stay out but the constant in an out was making her batty. I scoffed. Now? I am right there asking my kids to please pick- in or out. If the baby gets out or the dog gets out there are issues, and the kids are not the best at being mindful as they zip in an out 25 times.

Aside from that it really does get grate on me. Opening and closing, feet pounding. My shoulders tense. My fingers curl. for the love of all that is holy... pick: in or out. Then stay there.

/end rant


Lynda said...

What bothers me about the in/outs are all the bugs that get in! My kids are too little to open the door by themselves or be outside by themselves, so they bug us to go in/out with them too!

basilmomma: Heather Tallman said...

I feel your pain. Then the bugs get in...the floors get all dirty, the dogs never ends!
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Just Me said...

ack the bugs! We have so many flies! the are super annoying

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