Climbing Everest

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes I think that Pixie walks around looking at things in the house and thinks, "add snow, whipping winds, a sherpa or two and we have Base Camp in Nepal, I think I'll climb for it"

Nothing is immune her deciding to scale it. The dogs. The cat. My leg. Chairs. Tables. etc. Pixie will summit them all.

To which I wonder why. what is the great appeal? Is the vantage point really that much better? As I am really short, I cannot say for sure. But having plucked her from the island in the kitchen this morning 5 times there must be some magnetism or something. The Baby Bermuda Triangle?

Pixie just doesn't take the easy way, she likes to challenge herself and after she has mastered one path of ascent she goes for another (do they make harnesses in baby sizes?)

Maybe she imagines she is an explorer discovering new and amazing lands, such as the kitchen counter.

Either way she is going UP!


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