When GPS dies.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I had to go to the University of Chicago campus for a doctors appointment. The doctor I was seeing will be the one operating on my wrist.

We made it into the city reasonably well... Though getting off of the highway was a bit of a pain- 45 minutes on the ramp to get off- that took longer than the entire rest of the trip.

I was also reminded exactly why I do not like driving in the city. There is too much too watch, too much to worry about, too many cars. It gives me massive anxiety issues. Seriously just getting going caused me to shake and sweat.

So after arriving, we parked 6 blocks away (another issues with driving in the city). But had a beautiful walk to the hospital. Really the University of Chicago campus is amazingly beautiful. The ivy is amazing and the Gothic architecture is stunning. It makes me almost wish I could live in the city again. It makes me almost wish I could be in my early 20's again.

Chicago- especially Hyde Park is an interesting neighborhood. One wrong turn and the neighborhood goes from beautiful to not very nice at all.

After the appointment we walked back to the car in incredible heat. Got to the car and the GPS touch screen did not work- fantastic. I figured it would be okay because I had my phone and I could use that. Except that battery had died too (despite charging all night long). It was so awful it was funny. OF COURSE this is happening to me. OF COURSE. Why wouldn't it? Technology hates me. I can't even turn the TV on half the time.

Because I was so upset, I was snappy at the kids, I should not have been but I was. They wanted to talk to me, but I could not handle anything else at the moment. Did they listen to my nice requests? No. Then I raised my voice- and they cried.

I figured I could still get home- it may not be the most direct route but we would make it- then my gas light came on.

So I was in an unfamiliar neighborhood, in which I really felt uncomfortable, was running out of gas, on the hottest day of the year (97 degrees).

We made it home. It took an hour and change. But we did it. By the time we got home I was emotionally drained. I even skipped pole dancing that week because I simply could not handle it.


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