What I hope they remember

Friday, June 3, 2011

I can look back on my childhood and remember snippets. I remember my grandfather (my mother's dad) teaching me gardening and helping me plan my own garden. I remember my grandmother (my mom's mom) teaching me to play cribbage. I remember my aunt helping me make a doll. I remember my other aunt and the beach.... But I have to think about those to remember them. They do not just pop into my head at the mention of an individual.

I hope that when my children look back they can remember the times like we had tonight. Playing hide and seek, then a big tickle fight. Full of giggling and laughing and shrieks of joy.

Certainly, they will remember me screeching at them for yet again leaving shoes on the stairs or something else. I can only hope and strive to make the fun memories stronger and more numerous than the less happy ones.


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