Compassion and Empathy Peas style

Monday, June 13, 2011

It is no secret the Peas is exuberant. She is spirited. She is Peas.

She is loving. She feels others joy and pain. She is purely herself.

A few weeks ago my mother came to stay. She had a cut on her hand. One night Peas fell and bonked her back and it hurt. She wanted ice.

While Peas and my mom were sitting on the couch Peas noticed the cut on my mother's hand. Peas immediately expressed concern the best she could: "Owie?" "Oh No!" Peas exclaimed.

Soon enough she took the ice from her back and put it on my mother's hand.

This is the girl I am raising. This is the product of attentive connected parenting when her needs are recognized and honored. This is why. My genuine girl. Her authentic concern.


Trip Snyder said...

That is another reason you are such a great mom! You can't just teach children these things. They pick it up from the people they look up to and value, and you kids value mom over everyone!
You parenting skills rock, and you rock as both a mom, and a woman!

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