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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A few days ago my attention was caught by a blogger who crashed a wedding as part of her "list" before moving out of state(I wonder what else is on that list?).

Now, I understand Wedding Crashers made this type of thing seem really appealing, and that is fine. For the most part-it is not a big deal as long as the crasher does not take a seat away from a guest.

However, this blogger took it too far, not only did she crash a wedding at a private venue, she posted photos of the couple and their event.

The groom found out about it and coolly chastised her in a comment. Leaving the not so subtle hint that they found this intrusive and an invasion of privacy. (If she, at this time, had taken down the photos and apologized it would have been -end scene- but she did not. She elected to deny doing anything wrong, and refuse to remove the photos.

It turned out that this event was a celebration of love and life while remembering a recently passed family member. Instead of respecting the sacred and private nature of the event, she mocked it. Calling it a blink in her life. A day that so many hours and so much money was spent on, and so much meaning and love was attached too, was brutally minimized.

By refusing to acknowledge her errors she ticked off a lot off people and manged to portray herself not as a spontaneous fun loving person, but a selfish woman, unconcerned with anyone but herself.

Here is a super funny aside, she posted the photos of the couple, made her captions entirely about herself, and then at the bottom, reminded readers to NOT USE HER PHOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION. Really? Wow.

The other note- is that- her writing style was 'grammar interrupted' it was irritating and bothersome. Capitals are your friends. ... can easily be overused.
I mean, we had some crashers at out wedding, but we were fine with it.


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