Dear Princess

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear Princess,

It is hard to believe that you have been alive for so long now. So much has changed in 7 years.

I remember,vividly getting to kiss you before you went to the NICU. I remember washing my hands so many times before I could see you. I remember taking you home. I vividly remember your smell your soft skin, your deep eyes. I remember just taking you in.

You changed my life. Saved it even. You were truly sent from heaven and everyday I am thankful that I am your mother.

You are so strong, so independent so smart.

I look at you amazed at your patience at your grace and your love. Watching you grow and learn has been the most amazing thing. Seeing you change and seeing the world through your eyes has been such a gift.

Thank you for being such a great person. Such a kind girl. Such a wonderful sister. Such and amazing daughter.

You will never know how very much I love you.



Miki said...

You should save this for her, and share it with her when she's old enough to appreciate it (like when she has her own kids :) ).

Trip Snyder said...

I agree with Miki.
She will not appreciate it now, (although it would make her grin for days). She is one of the main reasons I hate living so far away now. As a babysitter, and oldest of many cousins, I can appreciate how amazing and caring she is. She never stops amazing me with her compassion and caring for those around her.
It is tough being the oldest, and she is doing a wonderful job with help from you. You are not just an amazing mom, but also one of the most amazing women I have ever met, and believe me, as a role model for Princess, you are doing a great job!

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