Busy, exhausting, but fun day

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today was Public Safety Day at NIPSTA- aka a fantastic place for big boys and little boys play with lots of toys.

As we arrived we saw the tower ladder and aerial ladders being extended (and yes there is a difference between tower ladders and aerial ladders....) to hang a sign over the entrance. Then to add to the excitement the rhythmic thumping of helicopter blades approaching we had arrived at the perfect time to see the air medic helicopter land. Which made it that much more exciting.

We got to see so many cool things- the Communications truck that Daddy worked on- explore the helicopter- take rides in a police car with lights and sirens- ride in a street sweeper....more than that we got to watch a search and rescue dog search and find someone, then see a bomb sniffing dog, and police dog. In addition to that we got to see ladder rescue, live fire, car extrication, rope drills, forensics, a fire safety presentation and a ton more.

Princess is oddly interested in car extrication. Two years ago B took the kids to an open house at his firehouse and she was transfixed. This was back when I was working and I could not go with them but I heard all about it. Today was no different- we walked up and saw the guys start tearing apart the car. What made it more interesting is the were guys from B's department. The lieutenant helped Princess learn how to break out a rear window in car- with an ax. Yes I let my five year old use an ax to break a car window- no she was not hurt- she had a blast!

Stinky got dressed up in kids turn out gear and completed an obstacle course and 'put out a fire'. His little legs were to short to crawl while wearing the gear- it was so great- and he was so proud of himself. He also thought getting finger printed was pretty neat too.

Peas was just overwhelmed- she was just- well clingy.

All in all it was great. So great.

Pictures to come tomorrow- now- bed


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