Recurring dreams

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sometimes I dream. One in particular has been recurring lately and bugging me.

I am back in high school. In the rebuilt version of my old school (They started building a new school the year I graduated). I know where nothing is. I am lost- utterly lost. It is the start of a new year or semester and I get a new schedule and cannot remember it. Calc first period then physics then something but I can never get to the right class at the right time in the right room. I invariably end up in tears making my way to the office to beg for help. For some reason I never get help- or a new schedule- I do not know why- but it never happens.

So what does it mean?

Typically the other dream that I have over and over again happens when I am scarred and feel out of control. The one where I am back in Utah- present day- and I am trying to convince people I am well over 18.

There are some variations to the cast of characters in each dream but the overall theme is the same.

In talking to a friend the other day she indicated that she has odd dreams too- one where she did not do a good enough job and her patient then went to someone else in the same office.

So what does this dream mean?


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