For some reason

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have not been really good at keeping up here.... no good reason comes to mind immediately I suppose just plain laziness would have to be the culprit.

Last week it was pretty miserable in the Chicago Metro area. Rainy- wet- cold- icky- unlike typical August weather that has you sitting in front of the freezer dreaming of February.

So we were forced to find ways to entertain ourselves that were not the pool or other typical summer activities. One place we have found that guarantees at least an hour or so of fun is Airtastic. What could be better? an indoor warehouse filled with inflatables: among them a giant slide several obstacle courses....when we go there the kids are sure to wear themselves out- which I love because sleeping kids are quiet kids and I can get a breather too.

On one of the nicer days we braved the Arboretum. I know I have waxed lyrical about it and the fun we have there. The interesting part is for the number of times we are there we have not actually gotten out of the Children's Garden. There is so much to do and explore there. Here are some of the pictures from our day there.


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