Teething doesn't hurt???

Monday, September 28, 2009

Really? Sure about that?? I beg to differ. As would, I suspect my 19 month old does as she was up the majority of last night screaming- shrieking even. The only source of this blood curdling shriek fest are her incoming canine teeth. But you know teething doesn't hurt right??? *cough* that is crap *cough*.

I am on day two of pretty much no sleep. Peas can rest only when I am massaging her gums where her teeth are coming. If I stop even momentarily she is awake and begins her blood curdling yelling, with tears. But teething isn't painful is it???

Just think small pointy things poking through your mouth splitting your gums open- occasionally causing them to bleed and swell- that does not sound painful at all- does it??

The simple answer is Motrin or Tylenol right? I agree- but for some reason my kids are vehemently anti medicine. One night I spent $70 on fever reducer different brands flavors etc in a desperate attempt to get one of the children to get ONE dose of medication in them...ONE DOSE. Before ya'll get all 'well you are just not doing it right' on me--- not even experienced ER nurses can get my children to take medicine- that tastes GOOD! Stinky has even figured out how to squeeze the butt pills from his tush forcing someone to stand there and hold it in place until it dissolves.

They refuse even the homeopathic teething tabs...if it looks like a medicine they will NOT take it under any circumstances EVER.

I have at times resorted to putting medicine that is necessary down their noses if they refuse steadfastly to take it. Princess is easier now because I can explain to her that this is necessary and will make her feel better- Peas and Stinky are still a few years away from that understanding. Which means I have a few more years of getting creative with the medicine.

As a six month old boy Stinky had RSV and needed steroids to help him breath and Tylenol. He instead of taking it decided to refuse ANYTHING that we put near his mouth. No nursing, no frozen milk, no pedialyte, no nothing which led to him being dehydrated. At six months he would prefer to NOT eat than take medicine.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Can you mix the tylenol w/ pudding, applesauce, yogurt, etc? I have to think they would not be able to taste it...
My kids are the opposite. Anne went thru a phase where she would make up symptoms just in hopes of getting medicine! haha!

Just Me said...

I have hidden meds in more food than I can count. To no success. NONE. My mom did this to me too when I was little with a particularly awful asthma med- to this day I do not eat plain vanilla ice cream, oreos, any kind of jam, or cake that I have cut in half. I also have an unnatural fear of sprinkles.

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