Cliques and Clacks

Friday, September 4, 2009

So princess started at kindergarten- that is old new- kinda.

There are already 'those' moms. You the moms who make mothering a competitive (and sometimes contact) sport. The ones who you (ok at least me) hated in high school. They know everything you know nothing- they have it all together- while you are barely treading water- they and their 'in group' are stuck in the high school mentality except now with husbands not boyfriends.

There are of course the PTA moms who look at me and expect me to participate and take an active role because well you know I stay home and therefore can fit it in--- fit it in my ass. I am pretty much single parenting these three kids, two dogs, two cats, and a tank full of who knows how many fish, and I can of course fit other commitments in. Sure when someone babysits so I can shower I'll be a part of your PTA. I'll get right on that.

Then there are the mom moms. These are the women who have been there done that and are just waiting and itching for their youngest to start school.

Of course that leaves quite a few of the 'rest of us' moms who are trying to navigate the kindergarten social scene and maybe make a few new mom friends of their own- bonus if the kids like each other.

For now I am content to sit on the sidelines and watch and laugh. I'll be the 'out there' mom the hippie mom with out the weed. A babywearing- green going- extended breastfeeding mom.


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